Frequently Asked Questions

Who can erect a Welded Steel Frame?

Any builder, Carpenter or owner builder can erect a Welded Steel Frame System. The lightweight panels (one third the weight of timber) are easily handled and clearly labelled for site erection. Roof trusses are labelled and easily secured to support walls. Ceiling and roof battens are easily fixed to the trusses. However, please note that we can organise entire Frame and Roof site fixing for projects in South East Queensland and Northern NSW.

Can alterations be made to steel framing on site?

Yes, frames can be modified on site by using the appropriate equipment.The process simply involves cutting and screwing back together.

Is steel framing suitable for cyclonic areas?

Yes! Steel framing is used extensively in these areas because of its inherent strength.

Is steel framing expensive?

Innovative frame technology now means steel frames for standard house designs can be priced competitively with other quality framing system.

If I use steel frame system, how much flexibility do I have with design?

We can produce almost any one or two storey home design seen in the Australian market today. Furthermore, it is possible to produce designs in steel that cannot be done with other materials. By taking advantage of this feature a home owner can often build with less expense than by using more conventional materials.

Will the house need bigger footings and foundations?

No. Steel framing components weigh up to 60% less than wood framing components. The foundations, and even the seismic design loads can be smaller.

What about cost?

The price of steel has been relatively constant over the last decade. While the price of traditional framing materials has been erratic and growing at a rate much faster than inflation, steel prices have only experienced small quarterly adjustments. Builders interviewed nationwide have affirmed that framing with steel is less expensive than traditional framing.

What are other advantages will I have with steel framing?

For starters-your house will not burn down, some insurance companies give price breaks on their rates for steel framing. You have more freedom in designing your floor plan since there are no load bearing walls. And if in some later years you are ready for a change in rooms it will not be an impossibility structurally. You won't have termites ! And your walls will not "walk" or warp.

Does a lightning strike affect a steel framed home?

No! Because a steel frame creates a positive earth, a lightning strike will have no effect. The energy is allowed to go straight to the ground, and is not dissipated destructively as in conventional framing.